Group exercise instructor course

October, 11-12th, 2019/November, 15-16th, 2019
Aeromix Fitness Training Center, Gedimino pr.16, Centro Passage, 2nd Floor, Vilnius
  • Euro Education
  • Aeromix

During this educational cycle you will acquire license European (EUROEDUCATION), which is valid across all Europe.

Training is organized in mixed-method: practical seminars (Classical aerobics, Step, Strength, Pilates) and a remote theoretical education.

Group session trainer’s life is not just work. He or she can choose flexible work hours, do what they love and support their clients on their way for a better and healthier life!

Educational cycle is presented together with European Fitness School, led by G.Guillermo Vega, whose work is based on a many-year experience in Europe, professional knowledge, and a differentiated educational program.

Want to participate in basic seminars?

  1. Those who want to become group session trainers.
  2. Group session trainers who want to further their knowledge.
  3. Sport clubs’ clients who want to be introduced to training principles, methods, training specifications.
  4. Health experts, physical education teachers that want to improve their knowledge.
  5. People that want to perform sport activities, but do not have required education.
  6. Those who want to work abroad (EU countries and other).

What certificate is issued? 

After every practical seminar Euroeducation certificates are issued for participating in the course. When finished all basic seminar cycle of 4 practical seminars (8 days), and passed theory test remotely, you will be able to take an exam to acquire the license. Exam consists of practical part and a theory test. Grading criteria and requirements will be announced during the seminar. Participant, who successfully passed the exam will acquire Euroeducation  license ,,Trainer of Group Exercise”, valid in Europe.

More details and requirements according to licenses will be announced during seminars.

Seminars are held in Lithuanian language.

Full price of the course  „Group exerceses instructor“   – 680 Eur.

There is a possibility to pay in full or in parts for each seminar separately:

  • Theoretical lectures. Distance Learning – 110 Eur
  • Classical aerobics rudiments – 130 Eur
  • “Step” aerobics rudiments  – 130 Eur
    Strength lesson`s rudiments  – 130 Eur
    Pilates exercise anatomy – 130 Eur

Suggested seminars