Ramunė Komžiene (Lithuania)

“While working with my clients in group or personal training, I take a position of kinesiotherapist, personal trainer, priest, psychologist and dietician”- claims   Ramunė Komžienė, Aeromix lecturer and a professional kinesiotherapist.  The driving force of Ramunė is seeing how individuals re-discover and start accepting their physical bodies and the notion of physical fitness as an investment into good health. Client gratitude  for a better posture, relieve of back pain or improved body composition/ muscle tonicity without crash dieting also motivates Ramunė’s work.  

Ramunė achieved a curative physical education degree in Physical Education Institute. In 2000 she completed a course in kinesiotherapy and accomplished a MA in rehabilitation. Her experience in sphere of kinesiotherapy is more than 18 years. She is an active profession who attends qualification upgrade events, gives lectures in Lithuania and abroad.  

She improved her knowledge in VU doctor upgrade faculty courses such as: „ The importance of assessment of muscle qualities in rehabilitation and sports medicine”, „Shoulder and knee joint disease/ trauma diagnostics, treatment and kinesiotherapy”; “Back pain- diagnostics, treatment and measures”,  “ Methodologies of increasing joint mobility” ; “Electro and kinesiotherapy methodologies for treating pain”. She also attended KMU doctor upgrade faculty courses such as:” Kinesiotherapy and rehabilitation in surgery and trauma”,  “ Shoulder joint Pathology correction using a theraband”, “Mobilization techniques for lower extremities “; „Correction opportunities with theraband”, „Spinal diseases and pain“. International medical rehabilitation conferences in Paris(1999 m.), Jarmala (2005-2006 m.), Haapsalu (2002 m.), Palanga (2006 m.), Toronto (2008 m.), Riga.

Lectures and workshops by Ramunė:

2005-2007 m. republican courses for body building and fitness instruction at LKKA:

„Trauma and dysfunction of musculoskeletal system “, “Application of stretching techniques in gym”, “Poor and good posture, influences to postural alignment”,. „Training with machines with poor posture”, „ Gym exercises with body weight and additional tools “, “Stretching exercises, exercises with “Gymnic” balls, bands, dumbbells”, “Physical activity at gym and pool during pregnancy”. 

In 2006 Ramunė gave lecture in „Baltic Association for Rehabilitation Congress“: „Effectiveness of methods and means of rehabilitation“. In 2006-2007 she also delivered lectures in pedagogue expertise instruction center: „Demonstration and teaching of various methods for relaxation”. In 2007 she gave a lecture in 7th annual meeting of Lithuania’s pain association: „Nurse notion of pain in sections of resuscitation and intensive care”.

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