Svetlana Pugacheva (Russia)

Svetlana is a professional fitness trainer who has won multiple fitness and bodybuilding titles both in Europe and worldwide. Over the course of years Svetlana has gained an enormous amount of experience in fitness (23 years). Graduated from an educational university with a degree in Physical Education. Has been actively involved in a wide array of sports – figure skating, choreography, basketball, track athletics, rowing, badminton. She is a Candidate of Master of Sports in track athletics and badminton.

Currently Svetlana enjoys professional success and currently holds an important position at “TSP Fitness” company in Moscow. She is also a vice-president and director of technical committee at World Fitness Federation (WFF) in Russia. She also is a director of Panatta Sport Club in Moscow.

Svetlana has founded “Champions School” program where she leads trainings for fitness instructors and is also an author of numerous sports articles and programs.


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