Renata Leganovič (Lithuania)

Co- Founder of “Aeromix”. Received her Bachelors in Geography and Physical Education from Vilnius Pedagogical University. Has more than 18 years of experience in the field of fitness and wellness. Attended and improved her knowledge in different fitness seminars abroad. Frequent participant of aerobic conventions in Moscow, Poland, Italy, Denmark, Spain and France. Currently works as an aerobics, physical education and youth dance teacher.

Achievements and Highlights:

  • Organizer of EUROEDUCATION, AEROMIX seminars and aerobic conventions, EUROFITNESSMANIA, EUROWELLNESSDAY events in Lithuania.
  • Finished all training at the EUROEDUCATION school: ,,Aeroclassic”, ,,Step aerobic”, ,,Pilates”, ,,Step Master Training”, ,,Dance”, ,,Functional training”.
  • Leads B-license training courses as well as other theoretical and practical courses for trainers to obtain an aerobic trainer’s licenses.
  • Leads Fitness in School seminars which take place in Lithuania

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