Joana Malakauskienė (Lithuania)

„I love inspiring people by sharing my energy and persistence. I always try to prove, that they can achieve their goals not just working hard, but also enjoying the process”, – says Joana Malakauskiene, group instructor and personal trainer. She started her fitness carrier in her home land Lithuania 12 years ago and successful developing it in Ireland for 9 years now. Joana has got a degree in geography and also was studying tourism management, but her passion for sports was stronger. Now Joana is versatile fitness instructor and a personal trainer with gymnastics and dance background. Her biggest passion is group fitness classes.

J.Malakauskiene now works as a group instructor in Planet Health Leisure Club, Limerick University and as freelance fitness trainer. Also she is a lector in sport courses about Aerobics, Step and Total Body Conditioning. Joana just started her carrier as a fitness presenter in Ireland and Europe.


• Diploma Step Training (Euroeducation)
• Step Master Training (Euroeducation)
• Pilates (Euroeducation)
• Functional and Circuit Training (Euroeducation)
• Diploma Gym Instructor (PFS)
• Diploma Personal Trainer (PFS)
• Piloxing
• Zumba Instructor
• Indoor Cycling (PFS)
• Weight Management Exercise Specialist (PFS)
• Rip 60 (Freemotion Fitness)
• Suspension Training Instructor (PFS)
• Foam Rolling and Stretching (PFS)
• Functional Step workshop
• Body Weight Workout workshop
• Red Functional workshop
• Fitness Yoga workshop
• Pilates workshop
• Dynamic Functional movement workshop


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