Alessandro Oliveri (Italy)

“I am constantly striving to be a respected and hardworking figure in the world of fitness. I want to be in a position where high energy, organizational and motivational knowledge as well as determination are of high importance” – says Alessandro Oliveri, who is one of the most professional presenters in Europe specializing in functional training. He not only conducts training sessions in various global conventions but also leads lectures for fitness instructors. Alessandro has developed numerous programs for group session trainers. He has reveived his diploma at sports university in Palermo, Italy, and also has certifications from Aerobics and Fitness Association in United States, Fitness Federation in Italy and Reebok University.
Alessandro currently specializes in functional training and also focuses on providing Step, Dance, Total Body, stretch and muscle strength training sessions. His extensive experience, knowledge and passion is an invaluable asset which he is glad to share with us when he comes to Lithuania.

Professional Experience and Highlights:

  • 1996 m. – Fitness instructor certificate,,ENDAS–‐CONI“.
  • 1997 m. – Fitness instructor certificate ,,AFAA“.
  • 1998 m. – Graduated from sports university “ISEF“ , Palermo (Italy)
  • 1999 m. – Fitness instructor certificate ,,REEBOK“
  • 2000 m. – Fitness instructor certificate, II level, FIF.
  • 2000 m. – FIF fitness coaches and group sessions trainings.
  • 2000 m. – started his career as a presenter in major fitness conventions, (Italy).
  • 2003 – 2011 m. – FIF Master fitness coach, group session and individual workouts trainings.
  • 2004 m. – presenter in international conventions.
  • 2005 m. – Nominated and awarded as the Instructor of the Year in Italy.
  • 2007 m. – Founded fitness studio “ONE, FITNESS STUDIO“ in Palermo (Italy)
  • 2008 m. – Attended Reebok University in Poland.
  • 2011 m. organized “ONE, LIFE FOR WELLNESS CONVENTION“, in Palermo (Italy)
  • 2012/2013 m. – Reebok International Presenter

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