Forum. Fitness and health

12th of September, 2020
Vilniaus kolegija, Studentų str. 39 A, Vilnius
  • Aeromix
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We would like to invite you to start the fall season with the latest science-based knowledge and inspiration from best sports and health experts. Comprehensive, experience and science based presentations, opportunity to ask desired questions – are waiting for you!

The forum is balanced for both coaches and people who very are active in sports.

Most famous fitness, nutrition experts, doctors and professional athletes will share their experience on how to succeed, stay healthy and help others do that!

We have selected the most relevant topics and information which will help you become one of the best at what you do.

We will talk about the future of fitness and the latest trends that are changing the world of sports, about coaching problems and demanding clients, coach’s image on social media and personal training sales, personal efficiency, leadership and teamwork ideas. We will provide you information on the latest science-based health and nutrition insights.

The presenters are one of the best in Lithuania and Europe, professionals in their field, qualified lectors who have achieved success in their business.

More information coming soon!

More information coming soon!

Seminar title Price till 2020.08.05 Price from 2020.08.06
Forum. Fitness and health 19 Eur 29 Eur