Guillermo Gonzalez Vega (Argentina)

Guillermo González Vega received his B.A in Sport Science from the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina. He immediately began a pursuit of career in the fitness industry, where he is presently respected as innovative and talented leader. He possesses A brilliant and charismatic style that incorporates sports physiology and unconventional choreography into a fluid integration of mind, body and soul trough the joy of movement. For 32 years Guillermo has been one of the most booked presenters in the world as well as a very respectable person in the fitness industry, He is considered an institution himself. Through ,,EUROEDUCATION” (European Fitness School), which was founded in) Guillermo offers a leading education system which forming the best European teachers and presenters in the market. He is often unusual, exciting and provocative; but his wonderful, playful character as enfant terrible gives him the latitude to bring these messages trough in a clear and precise manner. It is simply not possible to put Guillermo into a type of restrictive structure. His style is completely unique and always on the “cutting edge”. He makes you to rethink conventional aspects of sports methodology and dance. Over the years as a leading professional in aerobic and fitness business he has learned to combine his skills in communications, educations, teaching making him one of the most exciting people in the industry.

Achievements and Experience:

  • Organizer of EUROEDUCATION, AEROMIX seminars and aerobic conventions, EUROFITNESSMANIA, EUROWELLNESSDAY events in Lithuania.
  • Finished all training at the EUROEDUCATION school: ,,Aeroclassic”, ,,Step aerobic”, ,,Pilates”, ,,Step Master Training”, ,,Dance”, ,,Functional training”.
  • Leads B-license training courses as well as other theoretical and practical courses for trainers to obtain an aerobic trainer’s licenses.
  • Leads Fitness in School seminars which take place in Lithuania
  • Creator of fitness learning program HousedanZ
  • World Aerobic Championships prizewinner, a choreographer for more than 20 National and European Aerobics Champions
  • Presenter in major fitness conventions worldwide including: Fitness Brasil (Brazil), Idea (USA), Fibo (Germany), Salon du fitness (France), Festival de Fitness (Italy), Fitness Sudamericana (Argentina) as well as other countries.
  • Fitness TV Shows host in Germany and Argentina (DSF, SAT1, VOX1).

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