Lutz Graumann (Germany)




Quest Vitality 2015 – Present 

Ceo/Co-Founder Data-driven personalized recommendations for training, fueling, recharging, and timing of everydayactions. 

TIGNUM 2005 – Present 

Director of Performance Medicine We engineer Sustainable High Human Performance strategies for your critical teams based upon their current demands and challenges, their current high performance habits, and the upcoming must-win events that they will lead. We open up the human performance black box, the brain and body-systems, so we can maximize performance and avoid potential crisis – now and in the future. 

Bundeswehr 2005 – 2015 

Head of Sportsmedicine 

• Diagnostics, risk assessments, medical support and infrastructure and systems for 

pro athletes, special forces and fighter pilots. Leadership courses for flag officers at the Armed Forces Leadership Academy in Hamburg, Germany 

adidas 1996 – 1999 

Medical Consultat + Ph.D. program Embedded in the adidas R&D team I helped to develop athletic gear and shoes for the Olympic Games 2000 in Sydney. For my doctoral degree in medicine I have conducted the biggest study on athletic injuries in correlation to footwear in Pro Basketball in Germany. 


The Julius Maximilians University of Würzburg 1996 – 2001 

Medicine Doctoral degree (summa cum laude) 


University of Regensburg 

1994 – 1996 



Since 1995 Lutz has been working with Armed Forces and Pro Athletes. Extreme climate, physical and mental conditions are some of the challenges he had to deal with on a day to day bases. One of his career highlights was the implementation of the human performance enhancement program for the fighter pilots of the new Eurofighter Typhoon. Fighter Pilots were always a very special breed. And the new weapon system Eurofighter created a new challenge. For the first time in the history of the military the human was the weak link in a system worth more than 120 Mio USD, and the solution for this problem was adapted from pro sports. Atheltic trainers, Physios and Doctors were embedded in the squadron to create a perfect infrastructure for peak human performance. 


• Performance & Sports Medicine 

• Public Speaking 

• Health Promotion 

• Research & Development

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