Fitness gym members need to be at least 14 years old.


Ones wishing to workout need to purchase a membership which needs to be shown to the trainer before every workout.


In a case of illness of sickness gym members should inform the trainers, otherwise the missed workout(s) will not be reimbursed.


Trainers have a right to deny any sports activity if a gym member is more than 10 minutes late to his workout. Allowing to enter the workout late can seriously damage your health.


Clean footwear is mandatory to enter the gym.


No chewing gum is allowed during the workout – it is dangerous to your health.


Please put your smartphones on silent mode before the workout.


Please don’t allow your children into the fitness gym – it is not the safest environment for them there.


Please put all the inventory back to its place after the workout.


Please keep the showers and the sauna clean and don’t touch the heating elements.

Workout schedule might be subject to change every 2 months.


Our organization cares for its members and highly values their opinions. We kindly invite you to leave a comment or feedback in our “Suggestions book”. Your feedback is extremely valuable, since it helps us improve and provide you with the best service possible.