Pilates Trainer

During this course you will get European license of Pilates trainer (Euroeducation), which is valid in Europe.

Only trainers competence can ensure the real Pilates ! Series of seminars is designed for people who want to go deeper into the Pilates method, to access to the evolution of Pilates exercises, to learn to create a professional lesson. Method of Pilates is becoming increasingly popular in today’s world; the exercises can be applied in rehabilitation and health sector, at the workplace, and at the sports training.

Who can participate in a training of Pilates trainers?

1. Groups and personal trainers.
2. Physiotherapists and health professionals.
3. The advanced stage of customers who want to go deeper into the Pilates method.
4. Those who want to lead Pilates classes abroad (EU countries and others).

What certificate you will get?
After each workshop you will get Euroeducation level B  certificates for listening course. After completing the entire series of seminars, altogether 4 workshops (8 days), you will have the opportunity to take the exam to obtain a license B. The exam consists of a practical part and a theoretical test, evaluation criteria and requirements will be presented during the workshops. The participant who successfully passed the exam will acquire Euroeducation Pilates license level B, which is valid throughout Europe and Lithuania.

More information and licensing requirements you will get during seminars.

Seminar series “PILATES TRAINER” structure:

Evaluation of the posture. Testing

Pilates exercises anatomy

Pilates Matwork Intermediate 

Pilates Matwork Advance 

Exam „PILATES TRAINER“  for new group will be on June, 2020.

You can register for the whole course cycle here: PILATES TRAINER

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