During this course you will get European license of Pilates trainer (Euroeducation), which is valid in Europe.

Only trainers competence can ensure the real Pilates ! Series of seminars is designed for people who want to go deeper into the Pilates method, to access to the evolution of Pilates exercises, to learn to create a professional lesson. Method of Pilates is becoming increasingly popular in today’s world; the exercises can be applied in rehabilitation and health sector, at the workplace, and at the sports training.



  • Kristina Zaičenkovienė (Lithuania)

    Kristina Zaičenkovienė (Lithuania)

    Kristina is a PhD diploma holder and a lecturer at LSU. She has more than 18 years of professional experience in fields of health promotion and fitness coaching. Frequent participant of fitness conventions in Lithuania, Moscow, France and Greece. Currently actively involved in lecturing individual and group Pilates lessons for people with different levels of physical shape. Also provides trainings and seminars for health specialists, coaches, physical therapists. Her lectures were organized not only in Lithuanian but also foreign universities.

    Achievements and Highlights:

    • Certified Pilates methods coach (9 years)
    • Advanced Pilates Trainer – EURO EDUCATION European Fitness School
    • Acquired international Body Control Pilates certificate in London in 2011
    • Finished Pilates training equipment courses ( Reformer 1, Wundar Chair, Cadilac 1)
    • Member of eREPS (Register of Exercise Professionals)
    • Acquired EURO EDUCATION Functional Power training diploma.
    • Belly Dance, Aqua, Step, Classical and other certificates
    • A publisher of educational books and journals ( “The effect of physical exercises with medicine balls towards healthy human posture and muscle strength” – 2008; “Aerobics ABC” – 2011; “Pilates Warmup” – 2013. Released first Pilates DVD’s in Lithuania.

Who can participate in a training of Pilates trainers?

1. Groups and personal trainers.
2. Physiotherapists and health professionals.
3. The advanced stage of customers who want to go deeper into the Pilates method.
4. Those who want to lead Pilates classes abroad (EU countries and others).


Seminar series “PILATES TRAINER” structure:
Workshop 1: Anatomy of Pilates exercises. (B – License) (2 days)

Workshop 2: Evaluation of the posture. Testing (B – License) (2 days)

Workshop 3: Pilates Matwork Intermediate (B – License) (2 days)

Workshop 4: Pilates Matwok Advance (B – License) (2 days)

Exam “PILATES TRAINER”: Date: 28 April.


What certificate you will get?
After each workshop you will get Euroeducation level B  certificates for listening course. After completing the entire series of seminars, altogether 4 workshops (8 days), you will have the opportunity to take the exam to obtain a license B. The exam consists of a practical part and a theoretical test, evaluation criteria and requirements will be presented during the workshops. The participant who successfully passed the exam will acquire Euroeducation Pilates license level B, which is valid throughout Europe and Lithuania.

More information and licensing requirements you will get during seminars.


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2019.06.29-30 (Evaluation of posture)2019.07.06-07 (Anatomy of Pilates exercises)2019.06.07-08 (Pilates Matwork Intermediate )2019.07.12-13 (Pilates Matwok Advance )2019.07.13 Exam "PILATES TRAINER”

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