Personal Trainer course

October, 11-12th, 2019/December, 7-8th 2019
Aeromix Fitness Training Center, Gedimino pr.16, Centro Passage, 2nd Floor, Vilnius
  • Euro Education
  • Aeromix

In this course you will gain  license – a European (EUROEDUCATION), valid throughout Europe, as well as physical education.
Training takes place in mixed-mode: workshops (,,Personal Training Level I”, ,,Personal Training Level II”, ,,Personal Trainer at the gym”, ,,Evaluation of the posture”, and remote theoretical training.
If you made a decision to pursue a personal trainer career, keep in mind that you have to invest a lot of time and money to become successful. Customers want to practice with a trainer who is knowledgeable and experienced in their craft, so it is very important to take the necessary steps to fulfill your desire.
Who can participate in the basic seminars?
1. Those who want to work in a gym as trainers or personale trainers.
2. Trainers wishing to deepen their knowledge.
3. Sports clubs customers, who want to meet trainers job principles, methods and training specifics.
4. Health professionals, physical education teachers who need to improve their knowledge.
5. People wishing to carry out sports activities but do not have special education.
6. Those who wish to work abroad (EU countries and others).

What certificate I will get? When I will gain permission to train?
After each workshop will be issued Euroeducation Level B listening course certificates. After completing all the basic series of seminars, altogether 4 workshops (8 days), and passed the theory test remotely, you will have the opportunity to make an exam to obtain a license. The exam consists of a practical part and a theoretical test, evaluation criteria and requirements will be presented during the workshops. The participant who successfully passed the exam acquire Euroeducation Level B license, which is valid throughout Europe.
Further details and requirements for getting licenses will be explained during the workshops.

Seminars are held in Russian and Lithuanian language.

Seminars course „Asmeninis treneris“  price – 680 Eur.

There is a possibility to pay in full or in parts for each seminar separately:

  • Theoretical lectures. Distance Learning – 110 Eur
  • Personal Training. Level I – 130 Eur
  • Evaluation of the posture. Testing  – 130 Eur
    Personal Training, Level II  – 130 Eur
    Personal trainer at the gym – 130 Eur
    Exam “PERSONAL TRAINER” – 50 Eur